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Whether you’re training for a specific event or you’re a weekend warrior who enjoys getting physical, strength and conditioning training is an unbeatable combination that minimizes your risk of injury by maximizing your body’s potential. The trainers at South Florida Rehab and Training Center (SFR) in Miami make it their goal to provide programming that keeps you in the game, performing at your best. Now is the time to start your strength and conditioning training by calling or booking an appointment online.

Strength and Conditioning Q & A

Why do I need strength and conditioning training?

For your body to perform at its best, it relies on both strength and conditioning. Here’s what each means:


While strength training may seem obvious — it builds strength — strength training provides much more, such as:

• Keeping weight off and burning more calories
• Protecting your bones and muscles
• Developing better biomechanics
• Fighting off disease
• Boosting energy levels


In an overall sense, conditioning works to improve your:

• Muscles
• Heart
• Lungs
• Joints
• Bones

By conditioning these three areas, your body can undergo physical activity for longer stretches by expanding the capabilities of each.

In a more customized approach, the trainers at South Florida Rehab and Training Center focus on the specific activity you’re engaged in and come up with a program to enhance your performance in that area. For example, if you’re a pitcher, the trainers work with you to condition your arm to prevent overuse injuries.

What can I expect in strength and conditioning training?

The trainers at South Florida Rehab and Training Center develop a strength and conditioning plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. By comparing the demands of your sport or activity to your body’s strength, the trainer chooses exercises that target the areas that need the most help. Strength training includes:

Resistance exercises
Exercises such as squats, pushups, and planks

For any athlete, good overall core strength is more than a bonus — it’s a necessity. Many of the exercises the trainers at South Florida Rehab and Training Center recommend targeting your entire muscle health, especially your core muscles.

For conditioning, the trainers rely on cardiovascular and aerobic exercises, such as:

• Running
• Bag work
• Loaded carries
• Heavy rope work

In other words, any activity that places an intense demand on your body for a sustained period works to improve your conditioning.

How can physical therapy help neck pain?

South Florida Rehab and Training Center offers a wide array of specialized equipment and techniques that improve your strength and conditioning, including:

• CrossFit

• Alter G treadmill, which takes the pressure off your joints

• Throwing program for ball players

• Functional movement screen score to improve mechanics  and movement

Physical therapy

To get into the best shape possible and avoid injury, call South Florida Rehab and Training Center to get started on a strength and conditioning program. Or, book an appointment online.

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