Lets talk FEET!

In this months blog we focus on proper foot placement when you’re working out, stretching, running and even lifting weights.

Many would think you simply plant your feet and get to work. However, having proper foot placement not only allows you to have a more effective workout, but helps avoid injury.

In this series Maria, Mayra and Yolanda show you different ways to improve your foot placement, balance and most importantly STRETCHING techniques!

Take a look and let us know what you think!

sfladminLets talk FEET!
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These hips don’t lie…

Have you ever woken up with body pain, specifically in the hip area? Does your job require you to sit for long periods of times?

Let’s not brush off the fact that we do tend to ignore these pains because of age, work or lack of physical training. Over the course of our lives joints, muscles and bones become frail. However, something simple and affordable such as foam roller can alleviate these issues.

On this months blog, we welcome back Maria & Mayra who not only share their techniques to alleviate hip & lower back pain but show us how to prevent them from causing further damage. These are the same techniques used here in our South Florida Rehab and Training Center facility. Hear from Yolanda as she shares how these foam rolling exercises have eased her life!

sfladminThese hips don’t lie…
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Breathing into the new decade…

We are extremely excited to announce the official launch of our monthly blog with you, our South Florida Rehab and Training Center patients!

Each month, SFR owner Yolanda Gonzalez alongside with the staff at SFR will be providing various tips and techniques that will help you live a healthier life. Besides, who doesn’t want to start the new decade on a healthier note?

In today’s blog, Mayra Tablada and Dr. Maria Gaitan explain the whys & how’s of breathing…correctly. A technique that Yolanda has since used and implemented through her fitness journey or stressful days at work.

Personalized care and hands- on treatment are the key focus for us here at SFR. Take a look and remember to just breathe.


sfladminBreathing into the new decade…
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